The Do It Yourself Credit Repair Book By Oxmord Credit Repair

The Do It Yourself Credit Repair Book For $69.00 $29.00

  • What I am about to share with you is not legal advice. We do not offer legal services. If that is your need we recommend seeking legal counsel. This information is only for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only Fixing your credit is something you may not be familiar with. A quick way to explain it is basically fixing all of the negative accounts and excessive inquiries you have on your credit report. Your credit report is a file used to rate your credit worthiness to lenders and major companies that you seek to receive any type of funding from, whether it is in credit cards or cash loans. If your credit is poor then you can forget about applying for any credit cards, loans, housing, etc.... All that applying for credit will do is leave an inquiry on your credit report for two years, something that you do not need. Luckily, with credit repair and certain laws in place you can repair your credit and obtain a good score. It may take time, but it is possible. That’s basically what our company does. We help consumers fix their credit so that they can get approved for funding, auto loans, mortgages, etc.... I can talk about credit repair in more depth but there’s enough information on the Internet to handle that. Let’s jump right into the action!